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  • Program Overview

    The Silicon Valley Executive Trek is a 4-day program that teaches business leaders how digital transformation, corporate innovation, and data science can accelerate their organizations. We do this through engaging workshops, interactive discussions, and company visits in Silicon Valley.

    Program Objectives:


    At the end of the 4-day program, participants will be able to:

    1. Understand the most crucial technology trends that will impact businesses in the next 3 years

    2. Compare their company's current strategy with those of Silicon Valley giants and emerging startups

    3. Develop and articulate strategies that will lead to the digital transformation of their organizations

    This Program is Best For:

    1. Presidents and CEOs who are leading a digital transformation initiative in their organization

    2. COOs and Senior Managers who wish to accelerate operations through digital and online initiatives

    3. Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Directors who want to improve digital branding and sales

    4. CFOs and Finance Directors who want to explore financial technology solutions for their firms

    5. Human Resource Directors who want to assess their company’s culture and employee strategy

  • Program Schedule

    Experience 4 days of enriching workshops, group discussions, and company visits.


    Days 1-2

    San Francisco, U.S.A


    Learn from experts, case studies, and guided group discussions.


    Days 2-3

    San Francisco Bay Area


    Visit the headquarters of tech giants and emerging startups.


    Day 4

    San Francisco, U.S.A


    Integrate new knowledge and develop your company's innovation strategy.

    Workshop Topics

    1. The Future of Corporations: How Google Builds a Culture of Innovation

    Discover how Google creates a culture of innovation in their company, why cultural innovation matters, and what you can do to build an innovation mindset in your organization.


    2. The Future of Media and Marketing: Inside the Rise of Facebook

    Learn how the digital media and marketing landscape is changing, how Facebook's tools help businesses succeed in the digital age, and what you can do to boost your online marketing initiatives.


    3. The Future of Commerce: How the Amazon Generation is Changing the Way the World Shops​

    Understand how the consumer shopping experience is changing, how companies can adapt to the digital generation, and what you can do to grow your business through e-commerce.


    4. The Future of Finance: How Financial Technology Can Transform Corporations

    Explore how fintech can be used to accelerate corporations, how online and mobile payments are the future of finance, and what kind of fintech solutions you need to meet your company goals.


    5. Capstone Workshop: What Businesses Can Learn from the Best of Silicon Valley

    Develop and articulate potential strategies that you can use to accelerate the growth and digital transformation of your own organizations.


    Company Visits

    *Tour itinerary is subject to change.

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