• Application Process

    Here's an overview of our application process.


    Request for an application form.

    Request an application form below and we'll send you one in the e-mail address you provided.


    Complete all application requirements.

    See "Application Requirements" below for more information on our requirements.


    Submit all requirements by the application deadline.

    Submit all your requirements by the deadlines below. All submissions will be done online.


    Wait for your admissions decision.

    Admissions decisions will be released and sent to applicants via e-mail.

  • Application Requirements


    1. Completed application form (request for an application form here)
    2. Latest resume (1-page only)
    3. Answers to two (2) short essay questions (300-350 words per essay answer)
      • Essay 1: Tell us about a time you built an innovative solution to a problem. 
      • Essay 2: Tell us about a time you experienced a big setback or failure. 
    4. One (1) short creative presentation* or one (1) 200-word essay telling us why you want to join Reach Labs
    5. Currently a high school student, college student, or recent graduate (i.e., within 3 years of graduation date). 
    6. At least 16 years old by the start of the program (i.e., by May 14, 2018). Note: Applicants below 18 years old must submit a parental consent letter as part of their application pack. 
    *For the creative presentation: Feel free to use any medium you want - videos, graphics, visuals, and all types of presentations are accepted!

  • Deadlines

    Please submit your application by the deadline below. All submissions will be done online. Detailed instructions will be found on your application form.


    Application Deadline: March 19, 2018

    Admissions Decisions: Late March 2018



  • Admissions Criteria

    We're looking for applicants who:

    1. Have strong leadership skills. We're looking for applicants with a strong history of leadership and of taking initiative in projects (ex. in school, communities, personal projects, extracurricular work)
    2. Have a passion for entrepreneurship. We're looking for applicants who are passionate about learning entrepreneurship and becoming future entrepreneurs.
    3. Have strong interpersonal skills. We're looking for applicants who can work well with teams and can collaborate and contribute in team settings.
    4. Can think creatively and innovatively. We're looking for applicants who love to brainstorm on ideas and are not afraid to think out-of-the-box.
    5. Are determined, focused, and committed. We're looking for applicants who not only can work hard, but can also persevere and stay committed throughout challenges and setbacks.

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