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Silicon Valley Scholarship Launched for Deserving Filipino Student

Reach Labs is a pioneering education program that helps Filipino students experience entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.

Reach Labs, an education and travel program, is awarding the Silicon Valley Scholarship to a deserving Filipino student to attend its flagship program free of cost.

Reach Labs is a 2-month entrepreneurship program that begins in Manila and ends in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Manila component involves working with a Filipino startup and joining an entrepreneurship boot camp. The Silicon Valley component involves travelling to the San Francisco Bay Area to connect and learn from entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Participants will also attend workshops, events, and company tours in the Bay Area. You can learn more about the program in the Reach Labs website.

The Silicon Valley Scholarship will cover the following:

  • Full program fee
  • Complete program and educational materials
  • Materials for 14-day Founder Bootcamp
  • Housing for 8-days in Silicon Valley
  • Workshop and speaker fees (for both Manila and Silicon Valley)
  • Company tours and visits in Silicon Valley
  • Visits to co-working spaces in Silicon Valley
  • Start-up events and panels in Silicon Valley
  • Select mixers, dinners, and networking events in Silicon Valley
  • Travel insurance

Additional information on the scholarship can be found in the scholarship page of the program's website.

“Innovation-driven entrepreneurship is one of the key factors for economic growth. But one of the things lacking in the Philippine educational system today is the opportunity for students to travel, connect, and learn from entrepreneurs in the startup capital of the world, Silicon Valley. This program gives them the opportunity to do so,” says Jordana Valencia, Executive Director of Reach Labs. Jordana is a graduate from Harvard Business School and was previously the Managing Director of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Launch Entrepreneurship Program.

Silicon Valley is the home of the world’s largest global technology companies such as Facebook, Google, and Apple. Nothing beats learning from people in these companies,” adds Oliver Segovia, Program Advisor of Reach Labs. Oliver, also a Harvard Business School graduate, is a technology entrepreneur and executive with over than 10 years experience in the Philippines and the greater Southeast Asian region.

Eligibility and Requirements

In order to be eligible for consideration, students interested in the scholarship must first apply and be accepted to the program (click here to apply). Second, they must also satisfy all the 5 requirements below:

  1. Complete all application materials (click here to see application requirements)
  2. Submit all application materials by the deadline (see Deadlines section below)
  3. Must be a Filipino citizen
  4. At least 18 years old by the start of the program (i.e., by May 14, 2018).
  5. Currently a college student enrolled in a university based in the Philippines 

Selection Criteria

Once accepted into the program, the following criteria will be used to select who receives the Silicon Valley scholarship:

  1. Exceptional Leadership Skills. We're looking for students with a strong history of exceptional leadership, initiative, and creating meaningful impact.
  2. Strong Passion for Entrepreneurship. We're looking for students who have displayed a strong passion for entrepreneurship and becoming future entrepreneurs.
  3. Exemplary Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills. We're looking for students who have displayed exceptional teamwork and collaboration in team settings.
  4. Unique Creativity and Innovation. We're looking for students who have a history of developing creative and innovative solutions to real-world problems.
  5. Strong Commitment and Determination. We're looking for students who have displayed exceptional perseverance, focus, and commitment to their endeavors.

The selection panel will include educators and entrepreneurs from Harvard Business School, Columbia University, MIT, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, and the University of the Philippines.

Application Deadline

The early application deadline is on December 18. 2017. Students who apply by December 18 have the benefit of receiving their admissions decision before December 31, 2018. They may also have a higher chance of getting accepted into the program because applicants are admitted on a rolling basis. Students will also have more time to prepare for their travel plans including visas and funding.

The late application deadline is on December 31, 2017. Students who apply by this date will receive their admissions decisions by late January 2018.

The scholarship recipient will be notified via e-mail by late January 2018.

Apply now at

Reach Labs Team

Jordana Valencia, Executive Director; Tanya Ilacad-Gutierrez, Program Manager; Oliver Segovia, Program Advisor

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