• What is Reach Labs?

    Reach Labs is an education and travel program for college students and recent graduates in the Philippines to experience entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.


    Designed with advisors from Harvard Business School, Reach Labs offers world class education by providing students the knowledge, skills, and mindset they need to be confident business leaders.


    We provide students with the unique opportunity to travel, connect, and contribute.


    Explore Silicon Valley and gain the invaluable experience of learning entrepreneurship in startup capital of the world.


    Build your global network by meeting leaders from companies such as Facebook, Uber, Google, and Airbnb in San Francisco.


    Solve a real world problem with a partner start-up and gain unique work experience that can open up new career opportunities.

  • A Foundational Career Experience

    We're not just an educational travel program. We're a foundational career experience that will help you:


    Gain unique work experience that can help accelerate your career.

    Explore new career opportunities by expanding your global network.

    Build the professional skills you need to succeed in your careers.

  • Why Apply?

    Reach Labs is perfect for students and recent graduates who:

    • Want to become entrepreneurs but still need more startup experience
    • Have a non-business background but want to explore career in business or apply it to their chosen profession 
    • Need unique work experience to accelerate their career plans
    • Want to explore future career opportunities by expanding their global network
    • Want to make a real impact by working with an emerging start-up in the Philippines
  • I'm Interested to Apply!

    Request an application form below and get one step closer to Silicon Valley.

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